Armour of God craft activity

This is a craft and activity designed to help the kids learn about the armour of God. My aim in putting it together was to get basic truths into the kids’ heads. I hope that no matter what they come across in life they will remember that God loves us, Jesus has already taken away our sins and God is always with us. When doing this activity, I mentioned only briefly words like salvation and righteousness. I’m more interested in getting the meaning across than teaching the kids big words!

Here’s a picture of what we did!


▪   A3 card or you could used cardboard boxes

▪   Tinfoil

▪   Felt tips

▪   Sticky tape or glue

▪   Armour of God labels. Armour labels  Armour labels 2


▪   Shapes of the armour. I drew mine but A3 is too big for me to scan. You could draw your own or get the kids to draw them, in which case have some pictures from the internet to show them.

▪   Print the labels and ‘Truths’


▪       Have the kids decorate their various pieces of armour. I got my kids to work     in pairs.

▪       Give out tinfoil for them to stick.

▪       Use this time to talk to them about what they have eg  is it a helmet or shield.

▪       Once they have all finished stick the parts onto the wall and have the kids label them.

▪       You can then explain what each part represents.

We are doing this over two weeks to make sure the kids really understand. I will also be doing a quiz on the parts of the armour and trying to get the kids to match the various bits up.

Our memory verse is;

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

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2 Responses to Armour of God craft activity

  1. Hi there! I like your ideas and crafts. I will follow you because definitely I will be needing ideas for our Kids Ministry. Thank you for dropping by.

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