Joshua bible craft – Funky door hanger

Bible heroes are a popular topic with kids everywhere.  My kids group love to hear the stories and getting to act them out! Last year we took some time to focus on bible characters and learn about what God did through them. This craft is from a session I did on the story of Joshua and his commitment to serving God. I hope this craft will be a reminder to the kids to serve God in everything they do, while also looking cool on their bedroom doors!

The verse from the bible “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15” was my inspiration for this craft. Also the house I have drawn for it may or may not have been inspired by the house in Up!



  • Print off door hanger template onto coloured card
  • Print the memory verse and house picture on to white paper.
  • Cut out the various parts or leave that up to the kids!


  • Colour in the house picture
  • Glue the house onto the door hanger
  • Stick the verse underneath
  • Add on your sequins or whatever you want to decorate.

I added a couple of swirls to mine too to fill in some of the spaces. The kids can get creative with theirs!

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4 Responses to Joshua bible craft – Funky door hanger

  1. Nice craft. I really like door hanger-type crafts. It’s obvious what to do with them when you get home 😉 and they serve as a great reminder of the lesson!

  2. sundaycraft says:

    Thanks! It’s really good to hear what other people think!

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